Ethan & Maria

This wedding was “Something To Crow About!”

Maria and Ethan’s wedding was truly a special and heartwarming event for our family. The fact that Maria has been a part of our lives for over twenty years and is considered like a younger sister speaks volumes about the strong bond we share. The connection between Maria and Rachel’s younger sister, Ruthann, adds an even deeper layer of meaning to the occasion.

We prayed for Maria’s husband for many years which indicates just how invested our family has been in her happiness and journey to finding a partner. The fact that she married farmer Ethan, someone who seems to be a suitable and cherished match, brought a lot of joy and satisfaction to everyone who cares for Maria.

Hosting weddings can be a delightful experience, but being able to attend our first wedding as guests was extra wonderful! We were able to fully participate as guests which brought different kind of joy altogether. It allowed us to truly immerse yourselves in the celebration, to witness the love and commitment between the couple, and to share in their happiness at their beautiful reception at the couple’s farm.

It was such heartwarming and memorable day filled with love, happiness, and a sense of being part of something truly special.

Photos by Rebekah Stephenson

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