• Cameron & Amanda

    Cameron & Amanda

    This beautiful Fall wedding captured the amazing landscapes and colors of Iowa autumn. We loved hosting Cameron & Amanda. Their families were a joy to get to know, and feel so blessed that we have new friends. Congrats to you both- and thank you for allowing us to host your beautiful day.

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  • Joshua & Keelin

    Joshua & Keelin

    Congrats to the beautiful young couple! We loved celebrating our 4th of July with Josh & Keelin. We enjoyed getting to know Keelin’s family throughout the wedding planning. It was a joyful day celebrating their union and we got to enjoy some trampoline jumping and fireworks before the night was over. We are thankful for…

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  • Caldwell & Rachel

    Caldwell & Rachel

    We thoroughly enjoyed this fun and reunion-filled wedding! We loved hosting Caldwell & Rachel for their gorgeous wedding day. We grew up with Rachel and her many siblings, so it was extra special to help them celebrate their marriage and reconnect with friends and family from years ago. We had our first wedding reception in…

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  • Ethan & Maria

    Ethan & Maria

    What a special wedding! Maria and Ethan had a beautiful wedding, perfect weather, and a great story. Maria is very special to our family. She has been part of our lives for over twenty years and like a younger sister to us. Rachel’s younger  sister, Ruthann, is one of Maria’s dearest friends and we have…

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  • Lourens & Julia

    Lourens & Julia

    We were so excited to host our first wedding a few months after we moved to this beautiful property and the church. We could not have asked for a better couple to help us break into the wedding business! Lourens & Julia were laid back, kind, and so easy to work with.  Even though their…

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