• Eric & Jessica

    Eric & Jessica

    We absolutely loved this beautiful wedding. The bride, Jessica, ended up going to college with Rachel’s brother and the groom’s siblings are good friends with Rachel’s sister. Such a small world! The day was perfect and the classic black white colors were some of our favorites—and some of our favorite pictures we’ve seen! Heather Ferreria…

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  • Koen & Joy

    Koen & Joy

    What a “joy” to host this beautiful autumn wedding. The light was perfect for outdoor pictures that turned out beautifully. We loved hosting their wedding and found out soon that Amos & Joy’s fathers were good friends and both have memories of growing up together. What a small world! We had a wedding first- Joy’s…

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  • Zach & Megan

    Zach & Megan

    What a delightful twist to this story! The fact that Rachel and Zach, the groom, lived across the street from each other back in their younger days added an extra layer of charm to their wedding day. In 2021, Zach approached Rachel’s family with a unique request. He asked if he could use their sanctuary,…

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